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Summer’s End Update

It’s been a very busy summer and anyone involved with animal rescue will attest, it’s always too busy.

PAWS has many events coming up this fall.  “Parking With PAWS” is a great fund raising event during the North Carolina Seafood Festival ” October 1st -3rd.  We offer parking in the 700 block of Bridges Street all 3 days of the Festival thanks to Neil Whitford who donates his business parking lot to PAWS for this event.

October 14th is the “PAWS Annual Membership Meeting” and we’re lucky to have Terry Murphy from “Sound Dog Training” will be with us along with her really cool (and very smart) canine companion Grace.  If you haven’t seen Grace (and Terry) before you’re in for a treat!

Up next on the PAWS calendar will be the 2010 “PAWS OktoberPets/Pet” at the Crystal Coast Civic Center . This year it’s on October 31st which is Halloween and should really be fun.   Hundreds of folks with their (mostly) canine companions make their way into the Civic Center to see vendors, compete in fun contests like “best kisser and best costume” and also participate in our microchip clinic.  One favorite of everyone at this event is the “Blessing of the Pets”.  Also during this event is our Classic Car Cruise In.  Everyone is welcome to this non-show event so cruise in with your classic, muscle, car of interest, or motorcycle.  All well behaved dogs on leashes (with owners) are welcome to this one day-all day family event!

On Saturday, November 6th get your walking shoes on and head out with “PAWS Pets For Vets” as we walk with our canine companions during the “Morehead City Veterans Day Parade“.  If you prefer not to walk the parade route you are very welcome to ride on the PAWS float.  Start practicing your parade waves!

Work continues on the PAWS Bark Park.  We are currently coordinating with everyone involved with the key-card gate entry.  The unit is here and we’re preparing for installation.  Trust me about this, it truly sounds so much easier than it really is!  Once the unit is operational we’ll get the Bark Park Volunteers and Bark Rangers together for some training.

A few eager potential Bark Park Members have stopped by to check out the grounds and from what I see it’s all paws up from the canines and they seem very happy to be there!  One thing I noticed was the dogs seemed to wait until out of the park and onto our sod before “taking care of business”.  Ok, so this might be part of Murphy’s Law but a serious reminder to owners, curb your dog!  The landscaping was donated and it’s not likely we’ll be able to afford to replace it.  Use the designated waste areas (inside park) and you must clean up behind your pet.  This will be very important to the success of your park and is the very first dog park rule of etiquette.

October is Membership Month.  Annual PAWS membership dues for you and your pets are due this month.  Lifetime memberships are a deal at $250!

Folks, as always, the animals depend on you.  Visit the PAWS  “pet friendly”  Thrift Store often at 1211  Bridges Street.  All proceeds go directly towards helping less fortunate animals right here in Carteret County.


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