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Companion (pet-friendly) Hurricane Shelter Update

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Just a quick reminder about the “Companion (pet friendly) Hurricane Shelter” at Newport Middle School, owners must stay at this shelter also. You may not “drop off” pets or leave them in someone else’s care. Bring your pet a supply of food, medication, and anything else it might need for a couple of days. This includes a collar and leash as dogs may not be out of their kennel unleashed. These items are not provided. At this time it’s raining hard so remember also to place these items in something waterproof and not a paper bag. Pets must also leave the hurricane shelter with their owner.  If you need help getting pets inside please come in and ask.  Please come early and remain calm!                                       “HappyCat”

Morris the cat from 2010's hurricane Earl