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Web Site Welcome

As we launch our new and much improved web site we would like to thank Jeremy of  for all of the tedious and hard work he did for the critters. Watch for more additions such as our PAWPrints Newsletter and the occasional blog from “happycat”.
We currently have 15 animals available for adoption and all are in loving Foster Homes. Imagine if we had 40 foster homes and could save that many more at a time. PAWS vets and buys all food and supplies for the Foster Home. Many think they could never give their Foster Pet up and are nervous about giving Fostering a try. It’s such a rewarding and happy feeling to watch a PAWS pet going into a forever home. If you think you’d like to consider Fostering let us know and maybe even talk with our current Fosters to get a feel for it.
The PAWS Bark Park is a lively subject these days. Everywhere I go people are asking when it will open. We’re busy with the final phase and the park will open this summer for sure. Hope to see everyone and their pooches out there. Watch for more announcements and for fun Bark Park events too!
As we near the 500 number of PAWS Pets Adopted and kept out of shelters we want to thank you for adopting. This is a long term commitment and kudos for taking it seriously. Have room for just one more or know someone that’s looking? Show them a PAWS pet!



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