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PAWS Status Update 1st Quarter 2023

Just checking in on a few more repairs at the Paws Pet Adoption Center. We do more each quarter as we have $$’s. Kind of slow going but at least we’re moving forward!
Quick recap:
Remember, all money donated to PAWS of Carteret for construction went exactly for the construction. There is no mortgage on the building! Florence caused $271,000 in damages. The Insurance company replaced the roof only. We were in litigation 3.5 years. Our store was closed 13 of 24 months (also hurricane Florence damages & COVID) so we had no income at all. Covid prevented almost all fundraising, not only for us but most nonprofits. We’re still here, still all volunteers, still making slow, but steady progress. We could sure use a grant/donation for $200,000 right about now! We are sure sad it’s taking so long but we lost a lot of precious time in the lawsuit.
Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, we’ve been through so much. At least the flowers are blooming…..🐾

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